Top Ten Juicing Recipes
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Top Ten Juicing Recipes

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Top Ten Juicing Recipes

Did you know that when you drink fresh juice,
your body is able to assimilate the various
nutrients within 20 minutes?

Compared to a solid-based meal that can take
up to 3 hours to digest, it's no wonder that so
many people have turned to juice as a way of
improving their overall health!

Makes sense, right?

If you think about the many benefits that juicing
offers, including:

* Increasing your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables
will decrease your risk of death.

* Increases your body's level of nutrient-dense
building blocks lead to faster healing.

* Improves cognitive function by delivering a quick
boost of superfoods to your bloodstream.

Just those 3 reasons alone are reasons to consider

But there are many other reasons why juicing is
beneficial to your overall health, both mentally and

For example, did you know that juicing extracts the
most important vitamins you need while removing the
soluble finer that forces your body to work harder in

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